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Cooking without eggs

The role of eggs in cooking and baking is usually to stick the other ingredients together.

In recipes containing but one egg, it can usually be taken out without having any affect on the dish. In other cases, there are other ways to glue the ingredients together:

Mashed potatoes can be used for gluing vegetable pancakes and fritters, as well as for pies. Same goes to potato flour. Corn flour is great for gluing dumplings, and chick-pea flour is great for gluing fried dishes (this is the base, as you know, for falafel). Also regular flour can be used to hold ingredients together, as well as raw tehini (sesame paste – not the sauce made from it), cooked pea mash, soy flour and peanut butter. If banana works for a dish, you can replace each of the eggs in the recipe with half a banana, puréed to "eggish" texture.

In cakes, eggs have the job of giving them the airy texture. Recipes for egg free cakes use soda powder and vinegar instead of eggs.

Even typical egg dishes, like scrambled egg and omelet have egg-free alternatives.

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Egg Replacing Alternatives

When cooking without eggs, one can use the following table. Each of the options is equivalent to one egg: