Tashlichuhu - Cast him out

About the project

Project "Cast him out" ("Tashlichuhu" in Hebrew) was the 2011 brainchild of Dan Dovrat, a Visual Communication designer, who produced the "Buried in Coal" campaign by Greenpeace to prevent establishing another coal power plant in Israel.

The campaign sheds light on the subject of killing chicks in hatcheries. Hatcheries around the world kill billions of chicks every year. Most of these chicks are male chicks from strains developed for the egg industry.

For the campaign, we photographed celebrities in constellations with living and dead chicks. Some of these constellations echo the process of killing of chicks in hatcheries, as one can watch in this video

The campaign’s photographer was Vardi Kahana, a prominent Israeli portrait photographer whose work has been shown in exhibitions around the world.

Celebrities who took part in the campaign: Yardena Arazi, Orna Banai, Zehava Ben, Sheli Gafni, Galit Gutman, , Miki Haimovich, Kern Mor, Hila Nachshon, Pnina Tornai, Anat Waxman and Alma Zack.

Others that took part in the campaign: Hair: Avner Malka and Amir Kal, Makeup: Miki Buganim Make-Up Art Academy, Video: Israel Social TV and Dovev Hadar

Art director and production: Dan Dovrat

The chicks that are starring in the project's pictures are survivors of abuse. Most of them were saved directly from a hatchery where they were sentenced to a cruel death. The others were saved from an illegal chicken market, and from shops that sell newly hatched chicks, sometimes painted in different colors. In one of the shops we found the chicks in carton boxes packed with dead chicks amongst the living ones. A few of the chicks were in very bad shape and did not survive, yet, most of them did survive and found new homes.

The campaign was launched in a large event in Tel Aviv on December 19th, 2011.

The images are displayed in a traveling exhibition.

For more details and to coordinate an exhibition, please contact us at: [email protected].